Google Home Max: The Smart Speaker System with Ultimate Audio Output

Google Home after leading the scene as the most sought-after smart speaker system it recently came with the biggest value update called Google Home Max. This new premium smart speaker with its extraordinary sound output can just rock your feet. This impressive sound output apart from the new speaker just bears the same low footprint and minimalist design and comes with a few refurbished features. Priced a little ambitious at around $399.00 at Walmart, it is probably the best smart speaker system in recent time.


You have heard a lot of talks about the outstanding sound of high-end speakers such as Sonos and Bose. But you might have thought that the audio output needs to be compromised always a little with the new breed of smart speaker systems. Well, such a notion is going to be a matter of the past thanks to the new Google Home Max. This new Google Home offering can really challenge the so-called exceptional audio output of well-known speaker systems such as Sonos and Bose.


The Max Home comes packed with the Google Assistant, the digital assistant that was the primary selling point of original Google Home. Obviously, the usefulness and reliability of Google Assistant will continue to amaze the users throughout the day across a number of indoor activities. Besides responding to your voice command for playing music, streaming media, controlling other connected smart home gadgets, you can also check calendar dates and search the web with voice input and speaker output. But when it is about availing Google Assistant smart features, you can get the same with your original Google Home (priced $130) or Google Home Mini (priced $50).


With Google Home Max you would have as many as 6 onboard microphones capable of far-field voice control. The new Max consists of two 4.5-inch high-decibel dual-voice-coil woofers and two 0.7-inch (18 mm) custom tweeters. As for input systems, USB-C, 3.5 mm auxiliary and Bluetooth is available to connect the speakers. The new speaker weighs just 11.7 pounds and offers two distinct colors of fabric, respectively as chalk and charcoal. The speaker comes with silicon base that makes it more resistant to scratches.


The new Google Home Max comes with a smart sound capability which refers to the ability to adjust the bass and treble based on the position of the speaker in a room. While close to the walls the bass seems to get amplified while close to the open space it reduces the bass. This ensures that if the speaker is placed in a corner, the microphones will be able to pick up the sound without distortion and thus will readjust the music to the desired sound effect.

If you are thinking how the new Max will pick up your voice command when the speaker is playing music at full volume, let us assure that the Max proved highly efficient in receiving voice command even when the speaker plays music at high volume. The sound quality is amazingly clear and offers very detailed bass. Even in loud volume levels, the sound never fails to offer the same unmatched clarity.


After its phenomenal success with the smart home speaker of Google Home, the Google was willing to give something robust in terms of sound output while allowing the same smart connected capabilities as before. So, we have got Google Home Max, a smart home speaker system that offers the best sound output. With the new Max Google, not only topped over most other smart home speakers in the market in terms of both smart features an audio output, it also delivers the best value for money even with a slightly ambitious price tag of $399. The speaker is going to be available in the market expectedly from the middle of the first quarter in 2018. You can book your order now with Google.


Do you look at the top of the notch speaker with outstanding sound output that can be compared with high-end speakers like Sonos or Bose? While buying a great speaker system do you want it to deliver smart connected features and voice command capabilities? If the answers are yes, Google Home Max is the ideal speaker system for you. With several major brands tapping their toes to enter the smart speaker market including Apple, Google established its leading position with Home Max.

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