Rakerock is the ultimate gadgets and accessories e-store

We are electronics experts who can offer you all the most popular brands of products today at prices that are much lower than any retail outlet.

Our Products

We have a wide range of mobile and personal devices, smart home and audio products. We also have a myriad of latest accessories for all of your electronic gadgets. All our products are 100% authentic. We offer brand new and reconditioned. Each of these products goes through a meticulous process of inspecting and testing to ensure that they are all in perfect working condition and are good as new.

Our Experts

We have more than 50 duly certified technicians who work tirelessly at our 43,000 square foot facility to verify the authenticity and functionality of each of our items. Our experts have diverse specializations and are all at the top of their fields. They also have several decades of combined experience in the field of electronics. In spite of this, we still provide them with regular training so that they are always up to date on the latest technologies and methods in electronics assembly and repair. This ensures that they are fully capable of turning out electronic products of the highest caliber.

Our Model

There are times when big-box stores, wireless carriers and brand distributors need to make room for new items in their inventory. To do this, they get rid of their excess products by selling them at largely discounted prices. We keep our eyes peeled for such opportunities. We buy these perfectly good items, most of which are still secure in their original packaging. We also buy buyer remorse items that our expert technicians will carefully inspect and recondition so that they are just like new. This tested and trusted model is what enables us to offer top quality, 100% authentic products to the public at incredibly low prices.

Thank you for trusting us.